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WeddArt was born from a common Vision, discovered on the "set", a meeting of style ideas with
a common purpose, to use the art of photography to tell and transmit emotions for those of us who believe that photography is not an end in itself but an instrument precious in the hands of an artist, to pass down the memory of unique emotions over time.


The combination of technique, art and love for our work, has always brought and leads us every day to the continuous search for new motivation, which refines our vocation. Documenting particular situations in harsh environments around the world has given us strong photographic and video graphic emotions. This has increased our technical and emotional background, which are important characteristics for weddings. For this reason, we ensure that your wedding has a poetic, artistic and cinematographic depth. We immerse ourselves in your emotions and capture them with one shot to make them indelible over time. Through a unique film and artistic style, capable of exciting and enchanting even a foreign spectator.

In our art there is love for life and for conscious memories. These are the best means that bind us to the past, emotions, sensations, smells and tastes that we will relive in the future. The dimension of memory gives us back the past, our roots and what we have been. Which reminds us where we came from and the long journey we went through to become who we are today. The memory is our immortality and for this reason we feel spectators of your memories and custodians and guarantors.

We will be honored to be chosen for your wedding and by committing ourselves to giving you unique works that will remain …. forever!

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Giuseppe De Angelis

I think this is the best job in the world because it gives me the privilege to capture one of the most important days of your life with images.


Simone Olivieri

I photograph because I love what I see and want to leave others what excites me.


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WeddArt Studio | Destination Wedding Photographers

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WeddArt Studio | Destination Wedding Photographers and Videographers | Wedding photographers and videographers|Roma, Italy, worldwide

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WeddArt Studio | Destination Wedding Photographers